Friday, 14 February 2014


Today the builders left for the last time, exactly a year and 1 month after they came.  There have been a couple of breaks at the end of last year, but this gang of brickies, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, decorators and their associated labourers have spent the last year taking our house apart and putting it back together into a lovely newly arranged home.  Some of that time was, of course, spent drinking tea and looking puzzlingly over architects plans going 'mm, well' while scratching there chins, as builders do.
There is a funny feeling here today because from now on, if we find anything that needs attending to (apart from something major structurally) it is our responsibility to get it fixed; we won't have to pass it by the architect or check the 100 page contract, or write to-do lists any more!  Hooray!!  I shall miss them, but only in a small way.
Been down to The Old Forge at Cranford this morning to revamp my display of photos which Rob kindly lets me hang on his walls and attempts to sell for me, and been over to the Old Friends Bistro at Grafton to check on some there which went up only this week.  So here's hoping someone, while sipping coffee, likes them enough to part with some money.
Talking of photography - yesterday's class was all about studio photography and how to operate lighting and manage flash!  Watch out David Bailey!
A very painful dying tooth is gradually getting better, not needing to get up in the middle of the night to take painkillers so the antibiotics must be working.
So all is looking good - apart of course from the rain.  I have a ridiculously garish waterproof coat, and can't afford a new one so I have to keep wearing it, and I'd really like to stop getting funny looks from people.  Please stop raining!!

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  1. You must be so relieved. I know your house is beautiful now (well, it was pretty good before!), but I also know this hasn't been a easy year. Now you can relax and enjoy it. If you get chance, can you post an image of one of your works of art?