Wednesday, 19 February 2014

photos, short story success and climate change

At last!!  I've mastered the issue of getting photos onto this blog, thanks Julia!!  So now I can actually put up some photography as well as talk about it.
Talking about photography, its now time to be thinking about the final piece of work which gives us our pass or fail.  It takes the form of producing 6 images, on a theme of our choice, each one of them showing one or more of the techniques we've learned along the way, printed and mounted.  Each one has to be accompanied by a written explanation of how we produced the picture.  No pressure there then!
This is a picture, taken a couple of weeks ago, of the lovely sculpture which sits outside the Marlow Theatre in Canterbury, its an amazing construction of, I think, metal textured squares.  

I've got a short (very short) story for sale on Amazon Kindle, and today I'm chuffed to bits because I think I've sold one to a stranger - when I looked this morning the two previous sales (mine and a friend of mine) had been added to by a third.  And.....the man who came today to mend my kitchen worktop said he would also download one tonight when he got home - I don't think that makes me a bestseller - it certainly feels good.  For anyone interested its called 'Answers from Ghosts'.  Its made me determined to get that very disorganised computer file called 'finished writing' sorted out and get some more work out there.

I've read a few things online and in the papers over the last few days about the recent floods and whether they are, or not, the result of climate change.  Nicholas Stern (he of the Stern Report) says they are and that all our politicians need to start talking about it - if we don't do something soon, certain 'tipping points' will be enabled, which will lead to a speeding up of some elements of climate change which we then cannot undo.  Scary stuff that makes you wonder.  I believe him, so the next question for myself is what shall I do about my own life that could help, I'll be giving that some thought.

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  1. Somebody somewhere knows the truth about climate change: but who? Whether or not we are seeing its effects in the current weather, surely we should be doing all we can to protect and support the natural environment.