Saturday, 26 March 2016

Its been a while, but here I am today .....

Well it's been a while, where has that time gone?  Been thinking for some time that I ought to get back to this, so here I am.
The photography and writing continue, but with varying endeavour.  The middle life has a life of its own, over which I have no control.
Its hard to report on a whole year so I'll start from where I am.
Just back from a lovely few days in the north west. Seeing Chester (once more), Liverpool (for the first time) and some long-time friends in Newcastle-Under-Lyme (not seen in far too long).  Chester was charming as always, lovely shopping streets kept ancient with its cobbled pavements and individual shops. We completed the 'walls' over two days with my other half reading every sign which gives me my much needed education.  With me gazing out onto the horizons and feeling the vertigo! 
Liverpool was interesting if a little sterile.  I wanted to see a busy river Mersey and bustling riverfront but it was not to be. It was a cold, grey March day but that wasn't the reason for the emptiness. It felt like the heart had been taken some time ago: I think I was looking for a little more industry which wasn't there any more. 'Liverpool One' (the newish shopping streets) added to the feeling of sterility.  
Seeing friends we hadn't seen in a long time was a good end to our break away, thank you Mark and Karen for you're hospitality and warmth.
The poly-tunnel is filling up with some early food - broccoli, broad beans and veg seedlings are on their way - I'm beginning to feel signals of summer work -  I'll just do whatever the head gardener says and keep my head down when it goes wrong!
Have a couple of photos in the Easter Art Exhibition at Pitsford School over the Easter weekend (get out there if you can - even in the rain).  Having another go at getting some of my prints into the Alfred East Open Exhibition coming up in April - May - trying to make it 3 years in a row - here's hoping!
I'm not an over-religious woman but I went to my favourite Christian service this evening at the lovely Twywell church. It is Good Friday and our benefice holds 'At the Cross' services on this day.  The service takes you through the crucifixion of Jesus, step by step.  I know this sounds morbid but I think this is the Real Message.  I'm dubious about the presence of a God, but I do believe there was a man (or several - then and since) who tried to show us the way to live and treat other human beings, namely - the disabled, the sick, the dis-possessed, and the different and the usual. He ended up ridiculed, tortured and crucified. We live today in a wealthy, educated world. Why then do we see this sort of treatment given out by certain elements on a daily basis? And, in the name of 'religion' to the innocent people who lost their lives this week in Brussels.
Some photos ...........

Until next time - and not so long.  Happy Easter everyone x


  1. Welcome back! I'm very envious of your polytunnel. We are sowing seeds in our 'back room' at the moment, but looking out of the window a summer harvest seems a long way off. We'll try to get over to Pitsford tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for the welcome back! Definitely not gardening weather today. We'll probably get out to Pitsford tomorrow as well while its raining!