Saturday, 14 June 2014

Twitter, more gardening and a bit of sports news..

Well as promised the gardening took over during the last two weeks.  Most of the blank bits of border in the back garden are now planted up with a few shrubs and loads of annuals - they still look small but I've got every hope that by the end of the month the ground will be covered, I hope so because I hate weeding. My better half is the fruit and veg grower but this year I'm trying to make my mark by joining in with the growing of beetroot, lettuce and courgettes.  The beetroot and courgettes are doing really well, but the lettuce have stopped growing for some reason - I'll have to ask the head gardener what to do with them - he's bound to know the answer. I've noticed that once you've sown or planted something one becomes incredibly protective of it and interested in how its doing - checking on 'me offsprings' (and I don't mean the boys) several times a day is not unusual.

Talking of the real offspring -  they are together tonight with a few other mates down in the capital to watch a little game of footy planned for later, we are of course talking about the World Cup and England's first game. Readers of this blog will know that we are football fans and so have to go through this obligatory torture every 4 years, which has ended literally in tears for both us and players (remember Gazzer) every time since 1966.  So here we go again and it will be great!

I've joined Twitter ........ @damsoncake, yes damsoncake (which part of my brain that came from I'll never know)......and I'm following some of the people everyone does e.g. Stephen Fry and Jon Snow and I'm enjoying it so far, but as most people warn - boy could it take up your whole day, may need to ration myself.

Writing and photography has gone a little quiet at the moment because of the garden but I'm determined to have another short story on kindle before I go on holiday in two weeks time and I'm taking a big writing pad with me to France to hand-write some ideas to come back with - who knows, if it rains all week then there might be enough in it for the novel!!

George Bush Snr celebrated his 90th birthday with a tandem parachute jump - what plans have you got for your 90th?

Elaine x



  1. Good luck with the veg growing, I was doing my own John Lewis advert with just one carrot seedling left but it got lonely and gave up so I've failed again. Could be unkind now and make a comment about George bush Jnr, the past, wishful thinking and unopened parachutes, but maybe not.

  2. Thanks for your good wishes with my veg - I'll let you know. Also thanks for the gifts yesterday - should we be driving after eating the damson cake? x

  3. I went to a singing workshop on Saturday where the other participants told me they could tell I was a writer by my notebook. Bear this is mind if you plan to do any surreptitious character sketches!

  4. Thanks for the tip Julia, my notebooks have all sorts of things written in them including bits for stories but also reminders of things to do and shopping lists. Hope no-one publishes them when I'm famous and dead, that would be embarrassing for my family!!