Sunday, 2 March 2014

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside and football news

We're off to 'sunny' Norfolk tomorrow for a few days in a cottage near the sea.  We are looking forward to seeing 'Nebraska' at the Sheringham Theatre, a visit to Norwich and a day or two walking on the beach and reading, writing and taking photos.  The taking photos bit is me - I still haven't decided on the theme for my final piece of work for my City and Guilds qualification - so it may end up as 'seaside' as time is running out!

We watch and support AFC Rushden and Diamonds (known as the Whites), who no longer play at the sumptuous Nene Park, but at the Doughboys ground in Wellingborough.  Of which, incidentally, I have a childhood memory of my dad taking me down there one Saturday to watch Wellingborough Town play.  We (AFC R&D) now share their ground - how life does turn in circles.  Anyway, we love standing between the home and away dugouts - where all of life is played out between the management teams of the two sets of players.  We enjoy the banter between the coaches, the calls to the 'officials' alerting them to the misdemeanours of the other team, and the quips thrown across the grass as they walk off the pitch at half and full time.

So, the furore of the Alan Pardue incident at the weekend held no surprise to us, although the headbutting of an opposition player by a manager is probably a step too far.  This is a shame as this Newcastle manager is a good one.  Maybe a a crime of passion ............
Come on you Whites - next home match next Saturday - home from Norfolk just in time.

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  1. It grieves me that Kettering Town FC is looking for a ground when its former home at the end of our road lies empty and untouched. Still, at least the local clubs are still going, even if their glory days are behind them.